Key requirements for successful long distance dating for people with herpes.

I dated a girl for about a year and four months of our relationship were extremely long distance (different continent). She was doing a semester abroad that she had already committed to do before we started dating. She was the first HSV (-) person who I was with after I contracted genital HSV-1 and I would have felt pretty douchey breaking off the relationship after she put herself out there like that for me. So we decided to stick together while she went to travel Europe.
Love and relationship with herpes
It wasn't unbearable, but it wasn't always easy. I went through a phase where I was insanely jealous of every guy she was tagged in a Facebook photo with but she reassured me that they were all just friends and that she had everything she wanted waiting back home for her. The physical separation was tough, especially since neither of us was very turned on by the idea of Skype sex. Not something I would recommend, we tried it out a couple times, but it was just awkward, better to let the anticipation build ;)

I think what kept us together was definitely the texting back and forth every day and skyping whenever she had a good enough connection. We also were watching LOST together, which always gave us something to talk about (believe me, you will run out of topics pretty quickly).

So in short, it can be done, but it definitely requires some strong will power and a good internet connection for Skype :P