Reduce Your Risk of Spreading or Getting Genital Herpes

 Reduce Your Risk of Spreading or Getting Genital Herpes? 

Genital herpes can be acquired once you make sex with an infected person. And once you got infected, having sexual intercourse to others who does not have herpes will get infected too. In this connection, there are ways that you can do in order to eliminate the risk of spreading or getting the genital herpes, and here are the following:
  • Use condom. If you will be dating to someone that has herpes, make sure that you have condoms in your pocket so that you are always protected from acquiring the virus (if you are a man). However, you have to bear in mind that there are some condoms that are easily destroyed so, you have to buy a particular condom that has 100 % durability. In addition, you will still have a complete sex pleasure and have peace of mind.

  •  Ask your date or partner if he/she has a sexually transmitted disease like herpes. If you will be dating with a woman and a man who has herpes, ask him/her if he/she has the virus so that you will be safe. This might sound awkward but you have to so that you will not have the virus. In addition, you need to be truthful with each other. If your part or date is a little bit shy with his/her condition, he/she needs to say it to you so that you will be able to have a good rapport.

  • Ask your date or partner about his/her sexual history. If you will be dating with herpes, you ought to ask about his sexual history. If the person has multiple sexual partners, he/she has more risks of having STD like herpes. If your partner or date had experienced sexual intercourse to various individuals, you will be able to protect yourself through condoms or sexual abstinence.

  • Avoid committing sex to various sexual partners. If you really want not to have the particular disease, you can be able to limit or avoidmultiple partners and you can even avoid dating to someone with herpes. In other words, all you have to do is to be contented on having a single partner. So, if you have various relationships, you will have more chances of acquiring the virus. Furthermore, prevention is better than cure.

  • Never commit sex with your partner or date that has sores on his/her genital. When you will be dating to a man or a woman that has herpes, the symptoms are sores on the genital. So, if you notice that he/she has that, never commit sex with the person for your safety and protection. Furthermore, you have to do this in a nice manner so that your partner or date will not be humiliated in front of you.

Reducing your risk of getting or spreading genital herpes can be achieved through the above mentioned ways. However, you need to remember that the best thing that you can do is sexual abstinence to a person that has herpes.