How to ask about how/when someone contracted an herpes?

PositiveSingles has already taken the hard part out of having the talk. However, when dating someone you may want to know how/when they contracted a Herpes. Here are some tips on ways to have that conversation without a lot of anxiety.

Don't beat around the bush, just ask. Okay, so we all are infected with something, right? That is the point of this dating site. So don't feel bad about asking your date how they contracted herpes. It's the pink elephant in the room and the quicker you get the question out the more relaxed things will become. -the best herpes dating site in the world.

Don't assume that they contracted an STD from being promiscuous. All it takes is sleeping with one infected person one time to contract a sexually transmitted disease. We are all in the same boat here, so don't go judging someone or assuming things about their past sexual experiences.

Listen closely and be supportive. Everyone deals with things differently. While having herpes may not be a big deal to you, it could be a huge deal for the person you are dating. Also keep in mind that different STD affects men and women differently, for example, HPV can lead to infertility in women, but not men. Discussing these issues may bring up some negative feelings for your partner. Don't be judgmental or condescending, just listen and share your experience as well.