If you have herpes, how to best deal with dating someone who is STD free

I have learned that in dating you have to get a feel for the person before you disclose your status to him. You have to become in tune with each other to see if the person is mature enough to handle them information that you have to hand them later on if they are in fact STD free.

I have learned that keep the flirtation to a minimum, stress that you would like to be friends first. You can share your admiration, but again to a minimum. You don't want the person to feel as though you led them on. After it is established that the relationship should be taken further, that's when the talk is necessary. I prefer to ask the person "What could I do at this point, that would cause a deal breaker for you". Let the person respond and proceed with letting them know that you are only disclosing the information because you care about them, would never hurt them and would like to be completely honest. Explain your status, then immediately explain that if they feel indifferent, that it is perfectly ok if they want to remain, friends, walk away or proceed with the relationship.

The most important part when dating someone without an STD is to make sure that you prepare for the possibility that the other person may not accept your status. That is why is very important to get to know the person, but to not indulge completely until full disclosure is given.

I've done this a few times and although I only had one person say that he didn't care and would still like to pursue me, the weight was lifted off me. During the course of the dating, I often feel guilty, but as long as I keep it completely friendly, I am not harming anyone. We are worthy of love just as anyone else. Although I am on this site, I am not limited to dating only someone with my condition. I just like to get past the hard part to get to the normalcy. I wish you all well!