You Have Herpes, No Qualms Buddy- I Am Here to Make Friends with You

The power of living:
Man and woman – what an amazing creation by the Almighty. When we human beings can effectively manage thirst, hunger, happiness and love and communicate the resultant opinion about them to one another, why worry about diseases? Cannot we manage and control them? Sure – we can do it and perhaps it is this reason that humans are able to continue the hard work they have been doing to themselves and to the society at large, since the primitive ages and still remain happy, come what may. This is the power of human living, generation after generation across the globe. Herpes is one among thousands of diseases under the Sun, man has ever discovered and found ways to cure and yet be together with each other. 

Herpes – so what?  
Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is identified as the virus that causes infection to human genitals. It is a common sexually transmitted infection, but cannot tarnish your love life. There are two types of herpes – type 1 is caused in the mouth and the type is caused in the genitals. It is a chronic disease, with one advantage that as time passes by each occurrence tends to become less severe. Many people, even though they carry the virus do not experience any symptoms. It is contagious and transmitted by direct contact, mostly through vaginal, anal or oral sex. One interesting fact about Herpes is – people with genital herpes can have sex, but with extreme precaution by wearing condoms so as not to transmit it to the other partner.  It is one of the most recommended practices to have preventive measures getting infected by sexually transmitted diseases especially when people are having sexual interaction with unknown partners.  

Want to date with herpes?    
Nobody can stop you – go right ahead. We are living in the internet age and therefore it is very easy to connect with people around the world. Herpes dating sites are the most convenient platform to search for your partner and get connected with people who have the same STD. The interesting part of the same STD partner is that – it reduces chances of transmission of the infection because both have the same strand of the virus. These sites help create a community exclusively for those infected with herpes. These sites have been working wonders for thousands of people across the breadth and length of the globe and helping people find their ideal match. Apart of from the usual dating stuff, they contain lot of information about the disease, groups, forums and event listings etc.

Among all herpesdating mobile sites, has become a big hit with over 800, 000 members currently using the app. It is exclusively designed for herpes singles who wish to have an ideal partner. It is helping all those herpes singles across the globe find their love and lead a stress free love life. It remains active day in and day out and registers new members daily, as people believe and trust its privacy policy because it protects the privacy of its members very precariously than any other place. It became operational in the year 2000 and in a short span of 15 years; it has gained its present indomitable position among other herpes dating mobile sites. It has been acclaimed for its mark as a top dating site by leading print media groups. Its privacy policy includes;

Ø  Firm and unequivocal privacy policy to keep the identity of the member strictly private and untouched.
Ø  Members can use features like anonymous email and wink/flirt.
Ø  If any member is interested in another member and wishes to grow the relationship, he/she needs to send an email, which will be transmitted to him/her and your identity remains anonymous.
Ø  Members can also chat anonymously, while your identity information remains undisclosed.
Ø  The the site has different sections namely; treatment and lifestyle etc were from the domain experts collect information, keep it in the site’s archives and dissipate to needy members.
Ø  The ‘herpes dating tips’ section helps new members in assisting them to get acquainted with different features of the site easily.
Ø  Sections namely treatments, inspirational stories, news and dating tips help the members with immense information about herpes related issues and many more.

The conclusion:    
Once you register in the site,  rest assured you are joining the site’s unique online community, where you not only find love and support but also someone you really can relate with for more and more exciting and sprawling future before you. Once you start experiencing the site and its community, you will find renewed hope and the HSV in your blood starts withering off, though not clinically, but psychologically. If you have HSV, discover your bright future here in this Herpesdating.Mobi and start re-assuring yourself.