How to Live with Herpes?

The doctor informed you`ve got genital herpes, a virus for which there is no cure and which appears in a very sensitive area. This news may shock you but do not despair.

If you type “genital herpes” in Google research you`ll come to a conclusion that many people live with this virus. Chances are one of your friends, co-workers or even family member has it, too. Statistics shows that about one in five people in all major countries is infected. Knowing you're not the only one dealing with herpes should calm you down.

How to live with herpes
Despite the fact that herpes will not kill you or cause serious health problems later, you may get depressed thinking about a lifetime of symptoms and taking drugs to control them. Being angry with the person who infected you is a valid feeling, but you have to learn to overcome it. Look at the mirror and say: “ I`m not herpes, I just have herpes”. You're just as cute and funny as you always were; your eyes and smile are still beautiful and people are attracted to many things about you besides sex appeal.

 Sores may appear on your genitals from time to time and in that period you shouldn't have sex, and probably won't want to. But then you don't feel sexy when you have a cold, either. After a few days, you get over your cold and feel much better. Think back to a time when you were sick with a cold, your partner may have leaned in to kiss you, and you probably said something like, "No, I don't want to give you this bug". But did he or she kiss you anyway? Your girlfriend or boyfriend loves you no matter what. 

If you've just been diagnosed with genital herpes, you`ll have to make a few changes in your daily life, which will feel strange at first, but your life will not change dramatically. You can keep moving ahead in your career, have children, and have fun.

You may need to take pills, but they are a reality of modern life. Millions of people take pills every day to treat health problems and many more take vitamins. As much as you value a carefree lifestyle, you have always done some necessary chores every day. Like brushing your teeth, taking your medicine will become just another routine in your life.

You may not even have to take daily medication. You may need it only when you have a flare-up, and that's like taking antibiotics for a bout of bronchitis. Also, remember that symptoms tend to calm down in time. Your first outbreak may be the worst you'll ever have.