How could people with herpe tell a man about the herpes disease and be accepted by him?

Since my diagnosis I have justified being alone, isolating myself from the world of dating. I was sure that no normal person would ever want to be with me in an intimate way. I was sure I was "damaged goods". As time passed, I realized that my lonely existence was not what I really wanted. I crave love and acceptance...but how could I ever tell a man about my disease and be accepted by him?

Find love with herpes
The answer is by being myself, being human, not perfect, but human after all. Please look deeply into your soul and see YOU, the beautiful and lovable person that you are, NOT the disease that you carry. Then put yourself out there with the confidence of knowing that you ARE worthy. Once you have "the talk", be prepared to deal with any reaction the other person may have. Know that by being honest, the truth will set you free. You will be free to know that if that other person accepts you, you are free to open your heart to exploring a newexciting and potentially beautiful relationship. If you are rejected, you have been set free from getting involved with someone who is really not worthy of you. Before being diagnosed, you knew that as a relationship evolved over time, you would come to find out about the integrity and value system of your partner. If they did not share your values and entered into the relationship for the wrong reasons, then you will have wasted a lot of time and energy on someone who was never worthy of you.

I believe that you have to look at your disease as the key that will unlock your insight into instantly seeing just what kind of person you're dealing with. Therefore the truth has set you free, free to move on and explore love with this person, or free to move on alone in your journey to find the "right one" for you.